Night light not working

Is night light working on Librem 5 (PureOS) ?
I don’t see it taking it effect so wanted to check.


Yes it does:

Settings -> Display -> Night Light.
It’s basically screen filter. It makes display yellow-ish

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Settings/Displays/Night Light: I do not notice any change. And, I recall now:

That feature it not yet available to L5, it need work on kernel. I waiting this feature too to mitigate invisible blue light.


In this post, @dos said:

What does this mean? Does this prevent the gammastep package from working too?

Is it still a work in progress? Thanks in advance

It is not yet implemented, but i am 102% confident that @dos & @cat will perform this feature soon to L5.
As far i know the regular pinephone is the only device that already has enabled this feature.


They are probably busy with something more important :smiley: I’ll wait :slight_smile:

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I just noticed yesterday that pinephone-pro already support linux-gamma-ramps, it is a shame that the librem 5 still not.