General question re Pure OS 10

As I’m almost ready to buy my dream laptop, Im still leaning to Purism waiting for v14 to get a bit older.

I flashed Pure OS 10 up yesterday for a little while. I admit that I didn’t really pull it apart, so to speak. Am I correct that its core is essentially Ubuntu? I admit that the default live boot left me cold as I went off Ubuntu years ago.

Does it come with just the one default desktop?

This may be academic as I would almost certainly get qubes std, but I’d like to know.

PureOS 10 is based on Debian 11, not Ubuntu.

Yes, it comes with the Gnome Desktop Environment.

I highly recommend it.

Am I correct that its core is essentially Ubuntu?

Not quite. At it’s core it is essentially Debian. Of course Ubuntu is also based on Debian, but PureOS is closer to Debian. It’s basically Debian (not including non-free [and contrib ??]) with apparmor enabled.

Thanks for those replies. Yes, Debian of course, I’m just used to the gnome/ubuntu look which gets that response from me.

Its a shame that its not offered with xfce for example as one of the defaults. I prefer that desktop but they have their reasons I’m sure.

But, yes I’ll most likely go with qubes to really go with the whole privacy/security ethos.

It isn’t hard to install Xfce or other desktops because PureOS is based on Debian, which supports many different dektops. See: