Genie-Assistant on L5

Hi !

I played today with the Genie-App from the Standfort University

The genie-server images doesn’t run under arm64 but i installed it at the first time on my laptop. If you want to run the server on Librem, i believe you have to build a new container. However…

After Installation of the genie-server on my laptop … (

I installed the genie-client on the Librem 5 via

sudo apt install ./genie-client_0.1.0_arm64.deb

Edit the file /etc/pulse/ and add the following lines:

load-module module-echo-cancel source_name=echosrc sink_name=echosink channels=2 rate=48000 aec_method=webrtc
load-module module-role-ducking trigger_roles=voice-assistant ducking_roles=music volume=20% global=true

and restart pulseaudio or:

pulseaudio --kill
pulseaudio --start

Start the genie-client on the cli via


Now you can set/finish the configuration in your Webbrowser under
You have to use the IP and auth-token from your gene-server installation.

Now you can talk with your assistant via “Hey, genie” an it will answer via json and sound output!

This is only very basicly but it’s fun and you want to play it more and more. You can create scripts, conditions and let genie start things … have fun :wink: