Getting ghosted by support

Because Purism workers have too much to do since they are a small new company and can’t act like a big well funded company.


Hey guys, just wanted to give a big shout out to Purism for making good on my phone replacement that was lost in shipping. (I’m typing this out on it rn)

Also it seems my old phone must have had a defective modem or something because the replacement now works no problem. I can make calls and texts (MMS included) and I did a test call basically half way home on my 40 minute commute and it held up the call the whole way.

Just wanted to thank @JCS for his assistance and advocacy.


That’s excellent news. :clap:
Enjoy the new L5


<sarcasm>Should I flag your post as off-topic then? :slight_smile:</sarcasm>


Let’s call it resolved!


@JCS @irvinewade

Meanwhile I’m still in a deep, dark, hole.

I received a PM from a different support person, and responded to it, but have not heard back. I both replied to the PM and sent email to the address requested.

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I was aware that there are other customers in this topic whose problems have not been solved yet. Hence I wasn’t going to close the topic even though the OP’s problem has been solved.


Thank you for not closing the thread yet! (I didn’t know it was the usual custom here to close threads on solving, btw, so you not closing it wasn’t as obvious to me as it would have been, had I known.)

(Yes I admit I was afraid of being forgotten.)


We won’t forget about you @SteveC. Have you tried PM’ing @JCS ? He got things done for me.


It looks like there are email issues that are causing some of the problem here. In my case Support says in the forum they did get my emails, and says they replied, and since I didn’t get them there must be something wrong with my email provider.

I have to say I got a laugh out of that. I get plenty of email daily, via the provider I’ve used for 26 years. Usually I’m the one who tells people to check their spam folder. I don’t even do spam filtering, and this is the first time in 26 years someone has said they emailed me and I didn’t get it. Happy days!

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I did, and that’s probably why I got a PM from the other Joao in the first place. After a week absolutely snowed under by my IRL life, I responded; I’m still awaiting a response. I’m going to give it a few more days before pinging him again.

I strongly suspect that what needs to happen is the phone should go in for service, since it’s very insensitive (but not completely insensitive) to signals. But, my opinion is probably no more than a guess and a worthless one at that.

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That is a very lazy way to troubleshoot.

Did they do a message trace to see that their email server delivered the message to your providers email server? If so then yes it would be on your mail provider to continue the trace from there.

For what it’s worth I would still reach out to your mail provider whom should be able to confirm whether or not there was a message delivered to their mail server.


nochelibre and I have done some troubleshooting offline and I’ve raised a couple of issues for Purism to check into. So I guess something may be happening behind the scenes.

Regardless, email is fundamentally unreliable, particularly as actually implemented, with all kinds of anti-spam measures.


Naw, the mailservers know what was delivered where and when and when properly configured notify on failure to deliver. Email itself is quite reliable and when those anti-spam and other services are implemented with notifications enabled and self service tools configured there isn’t even a need to get administrators involved in medsage traces… and when it is necessary to get them involved all of the information should be there to verify where the message was placed and why.


That’s only if traffic is NOT blocked before the mailserver even sees it, which is what’s happening these days and is the cause of the email issues we’re seeing. :sunglasses:

You’re right that Email technology itself is quite reliable and has been for decades. I’m old enough to remember when you sent an email, you could be virtually certain that it would go through. As we see now, that certainty has been completely dynamited. Blame the spammers, phishers, data thieves, malware purveyors, wreckers and attackers of every kind. They are why we can’t have nice things. :neutral_face:

Remember the old saying about the Internet?

The Net Interprets Censorship As Damage and Routes Around It

Well, it’s happening again but in a different way and this time is affecting Email so much that it has become unreliable enough to wreck our business relationships! So we just need to route around it. The Internet is not just Email. We need to start using new tools.

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Then the sending mailserver would know it wasnt delivered and notify the sender of non-delivery.

Most spam blocking is the mailserver delivers the message to the spam blocking mailserver then the spam blocking does its thing, but the sending mailserver knows it eas delivered to barracuda/mimecat/etc. It’s not a mystery and not difficult to follow the messages.

The only thing that’s changed is the that sending USERS don’t have as much visibility into these newer systems, though receiving users should when properly configured, but as I’ve pointed out multiple times, administrators still have full visibility.


This really makes a case for them to have a portal for registered owners to submit a ticket and bypass the email altogether at least on the inbound side.


Yep, the problem is most people aren’t email administrators so they have no visibility.

I’ve submitted a support ticket on the web portal (ha! what a concept) of my web+email hosting provider (DreamHost in Los Angeles, USA). I told them the story and gave them exact times when I emailed Purism Support and then Mladen 2 days later. I also asked if they block email from any domain or IP address. We’ll see what they say.

As I said before, I’m usually the one who has to tell people to check their spam folder. I don’t even have one, haven’t had one since 1997, and this is the first time since 1997 that someone said they emailed me and I didn’t get it.

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I think that perspective has been adequately escalated. When and if something gets done about it is of course another question.

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This post is about the Purism support response time.
Around April 3rd, i was discussing a hardware problem about my Librem 14.

For the last week, i have not heard from anyone at I contacted more than one person at their direct email.

Who else can I contact at Purism ?