Getting ghosted by support

There have been some recent staff changes, so your case may need to be handled by someone else who is still working for Purism. I suggest recontacting Purism support for an update on your Librem 14 status.


I am one. I read of others here that have had trouble getting support.

This is another reason I don’t want to send in my L5 - poor support from paid supporters.

People in the forum can only do such and the results when issues point directly to poor quality product, out come the crickets. This L5 stays with me if for no other reason, keep as evidence.

How long is “patiently waiting”? I’ve waited so long, it appears my L5 is obsolete now :grin:


Start a ticket with Purism support first, then follow up with them when they reply back to you.

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AFAIK, she has a RMA number a while now, but is not using it (Sharon: please correct me if I’m wrong). I’m not sure if it is still valid.

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I would ask @JCS to give you a hand with this as he has their ear so to speak.

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Been there done that, got a email with a RMA.
I have read here where people sent their stuff back and didn’t hear back again.
It will cost to ship back and forth, and it will no doubt take weeks, and as history shows, a lot “pinging” and waiting.
It seems it happens right after the volunteers give up on one.
Blame has been put on the carrier, the carrier blames it on “old smart phone”. Blamers blame me. Meh. I fell for it - my bad on me.


You are correct. I have a RMA. I also have good eyes and ability to read. Too many complaints by people waiting for refund, or feedback on the device they sent back to Puri for repair and was a battle to get results. Some haven’t heard back yet after waiting too long IMO.
My bet is the modem is too old, and one can only make firmware updates just so many times before it can’t do what tech is doing to us from the other side. IMO of course.

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I have a RMA sent to me in email April 19, 2024 @ 12:59 PM PDT. I also read where others have done the same and were, according to their author/s, lost in the binary bit byter.

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It is up to you if you want to utilize the RMA number and SRF so Purism can address your Librem 5 issues.


I explained why it’s not a good idea to send things back to Puri. The reason is due to the poor reputation they have, everywhere I look.
Everything points to there being ancient hardware in this - this - thing. But no one can tell me, or are afraid to, just how old the modem really is.
Sending it back is like throwing it into the sea.

I’d wager that if I bought the $599.00 one right no, it would work 99% better than this, and be compatible with more carriers.

The ad says

A Security and Privacy Focused Phone

Yup. Secure and private. So is the latest Apple leash and Google’s spyphone if one turned it off and set it in their desk drawer and forgot about it. I could be wrong, but I think that’s what is meant.

The ad says:

This phone was made with you in mind

Oh come on! No it wasn’t. It was made for profit and I never came into the picture.

The ad says:

…we will continue to provide security updates, privacy improvements, bug fixes, and new features… for the lifetime of your device, without compromising performance.

Well, the “lifetime” of mine is when I received it 15 months ago. IMO: Impossible to do without $upgrading$ hardware at some point.

and, again the ad says:

Vote with your wallet to support a future safe from digital exploitation and create a secure and respectful environment for you, your children and society as a whole.

I already voted with my wallet, and tossed in 15 months of grief and like many people, won’t live long enough to be part that “future”. I am …“safe from digital exploitation” with the L5. Kill switches off (mobile, wi-fi and camera off), L5 powered off - that’s safe alright.

The ad says:

Real Convergence

Are waiting for that “future” to happen? As it is, PuriOS doesn’t even recognize the docker that Puri sells!

I could go on but this post won’t be around for very long. The tabloid-style of adverting will be around though.

Caveat Emptor!



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I fully understand that but… I just sent my second L5 in to get repaired. I had to remind support that it was there but they are currently working on it and I trust that it will come back to me fully repaired.

Edit: and it will be cheaper than buying a new one


In one of my previous messages I pointed Sharon to the option for sending in the phone for repair. I also pointed her to my positive experiences with sending in the phone for repair.

She has her doubts of doing so. I guess that’s what we call in the EU ‘cold water fear’.

At the monent your phone isn’t working and you are unable to get it working.
Right? So what do you have to loose?
A non-working phone catching dust or sending in the phone you fear you might loose (and I’m confident that such scenario is most unlikely)?
We all here are trying to help, but we faill. I think it’s time to try something else like using the RMA.
But that is completely uip to you.


I had my doubts like you when I sent my phone back for a second time to Purism (because of my flaky modem issue), but they made good on the whole process by replacing my phone because it was delivered (according to USPS) but they never found it on their end. They replaced my phone no questions asked.

@JCS advocated for me and everything went smoothly with his assistance. I would suggest you do the same, you might be surprised with the result. Like others have said, if your phone isn’t working what do you have to lose?


Based on other stories here and elsewhere I might never see the phone, have to constantly nag for a ETA, the added costs plus for me, it already cost $1,500,.00 - for a game that was “free”. In short, Yes, I might get the device back, but it may be obsolete by then.

Maybe, the positive comments here had phones with easy fix issues and under warranty.
When I found out that that there is a another ‘support’, warranty was shot.
I’m told that if the issue is software, the costs might be free to flash the phone. A real insult.
But, if it’s hardware related, it would cost me more. So if they have the phone and want money to repair and I disagree, I pay to get it shipped back as a paperweight or they use it for parts.

What have I got to lose? 15 months of trial and error grief, $1,500.00, plus more ridiculous shipping fees that may end being wasted anyway.

I think cell makers should be mandated to use cookie-cutter replacements when consumer attempts to fix it fail. I followed all the instructions *but one. Some instructions were incorrect, but fixed leading to multiple flashing.

I did my part, and then some. Trust is earned. So is a reputation; good, or bad.

  • to boot from a USB with installer. That, I might get done today.
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For me, my repairs cost five hundred and they had to replace the screen, the usb board, and the main board… everything but the frame and the radios. Yours shouldn’t be terrible


Another hundred and you could buy a new one. Were you advised ahead of time what it would cost? Or to get it back? If you said No after knowing…!
It’s a roll of the dice what the costs will be. If I had any, I’d say they got us by the — cops at the door, gotta go by… :innocent:

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Yes I was and I chose to go with the costs