Getting photos off the Librem 5

How do you do it? I end up turning off the VPN on phone and laptop, then starting SSH with the command line, then looking in Gnome Network Settings for the WIFI IP, then connecting with SSH through Gnome File manager.

On the Android phone back in the day, I used to use KDE Connect and send them with that. Is there KDE Connect for Librem 5?

Its also hard to delete old photos and DNG files with the phone, as the File Manager on there doesn’t let you right click.

Yeah, but not everything works fine. Data transfer is no problem so far.

Just ssh into the L5 and use the rm command.

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Ah forgot to answer: use terminal keyboard and the menu button. It opens the context menu. You also can use the delete button of that keyboard directly to remove files and directories.

ssh purism@
Linux pureos 6.4.0-1-librem5 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Oct  6 00:42:44 UTC 2023 aarch64

You have mail.
Last login: Tue Oct 31 20:43:09 2023 from
purism@pureos:~$ cd Pictures/
purism@pureos:~/Pictures$ ls -l *.dng
-rw-r--r-- 1 purism purism 13335600 Oct 31 20:44 IMG20231031204406.dng
purism@pureos:~/Pictures$ rm *.dng
purism@pureos:~/Pictures$ ls -l *.dng
ls: cannot access '*.dng': No such file or directory

So, what is the issue here?

I use sftp: Tips & Tricks · Wiki · Librem5 / Librem 5 Community Wiki · GitLab

If you’ve set up ssh, then you can access the L5’s directories directly from the file browser in your computer(s) over the wifi network. You can move individual files, multiple files, directories, or multiple directories all at once.

Or I just use a USB drive with both USB-A and USB-C ends.

There is Warpinator. (Also Warp.)

If you need to transfer between Android and the L5, I like SimpleSSHD from F-Droid. After connection, you have ssh and sftp functionality. See this tutorial.

In addition to what @Ick mentioned, I find that Nemo is somewhat easier to use than Nautilus (the default Files app). Nemo appears as Files in the app grid, same as Nautilus.

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You can use Portfolio file manager (Flatpak). Navigate to the file to delete. Then pressing and holding on the file will invoke a pop-up menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Then select the Trash can icon.

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If you have the avahi-daemon package installed, you might be able to access your phone over wifi using mDNS. E.g. the default device name is “pureos”. so you could access it with the name “pureos.local”. No need to look for an IP address in this case.

Or configure your DHCP server to hand out the same IP address to a given device each time.

I have not tried myself yet but maybe this can be done with Warp (Warp | Flathub)?

I tried that Warp thing, its very cool. Only thing is the codes are quite long to type out, if it was a sort of one off type the code in then you could just sling files over it, that’d be handy.

Some other good suggestions on here too, thanks everyone.

Don’t suppose you have a URL?

Just the default Linux-Download.

Did somebody already mention just swiping across this file (or select all) simply cutting the picture (or file) and simply pasting it somewhere else? I do that a lot. You can do it easily in the default file manager.


You can use the Ctrl key to select multiple items, too. (Don’t forget to deactivate Ctrl when finished.


When I want to delete files or photos, I click on the little keyboard icon in the lower left corner of my Librem 5 phone, find the little globe symbol on the keyboard and click on the Terminal button; then I press the >_ button and click on the Del button to delete things.