Git Releases in PureOS Store

Is there a way to add a Git(hub/lab) Repository’s Releases into Software & Updates (software-properties-gtk) to have the software appear in the PureOS Store & receive automatic updates, rather than having to do source code clones, complies & installs via command line? If not, is there another way to have git managed software at least update & upgrade with latest releases or master branches?

cron ? But I guess the “right” way is to create a service.

Is this Librem 5 or a laptop?

Interesting, I hoped there would be an easier way to automate this. Both types of devices.

Contribute to getting the projects into flatpaks? IIRC the software store integrates with flatpaks so once that workflow is built it should be good to go, and has the added benefit of flatpaks being fairly cross compatible.

Just a thought.

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I guess a generic consideration here is what you are doing with the git.

  • Just downloaded some software for you to use and git was the only way of getting it, v.
  • Actually working on the software, modifying it in some way.

In the former case, it’s really just like an inconvenient form of the standard (Debian) repository mechanism or of one of the additional mechanisms e.g. snap or flatpak or appimage. So equally you could propose: contribute to getting the project into the distro’s repo.

In the latter case, you may well not want that specific git updating randomly.

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