Github, MLBv, and the Librem 5

I have been a bit negative lately and I apologize for that. My experience with Sailfish OS has generally been good, but I miss the Librem 5 and find myself using it more and more.

How have I used it more lately? Well, now that my USB dock works. I plug it in while working and I have a second computer running because, you know, I can.

I also love major league baseball, here in the United States. The problem? Streaming baseball games in a browser is generally bad. Could I get the MLB app to work on Waydroid? Maybe. I don’t know. That app is very annoying. I’ve used various Linux workarounds to try to access MLB games in the browser and otherwise over the last 5 or so years.

What is the workaround you ask: Mlbv on github. A Mr. Adam Ducker forked this from another developer. Why is this cool? Because all I had to do is install Python, run some commands to install Mlbv and then use the fork created by Adam Ducker. I did this all on my Librem 5 and can watch any MLB game and check scores, etc, via the command-line. The stream is so, so, so much better than using a browser.

What other device can do this? Not many that I am aware of. I suppose I can try on Sailfish, but it was so smooth and easy with the Librem 5, why go anywhere else. Amazing.