Gluing rubber feet on Librem Laptops

I have a rubber foot that keeps coming off. Can I glue it back on so that it stays there? What type of glue should I use? Is it advised?

Or you could remove them all and get a small blister pack of new feet, rubber or cork.

I have the same problem.

3M double sided mounting tape instead of glue would be my vote.

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Why are we adverse to using super glue or something like that? I mean the adhesive it is already using holds it for a while, I just though a small little dab of it would help it to stay on their permanently. Of course keeping the glue away from the hole.

Has no one already done something like this?

Super glue (cyanacrolate [sp?]) can be destructive to some plastics and doesn’t always work the best depending on materials and often needs a scarred/scuffed surface to adhere to are all reasons for my being against it. If you’re willing to scuff up the area so that the glue can get a better hold and don’t care about potentially affecting the plastic the foot will be adhering to it will probably work well enough. Also if it gets too good of a hold of the foot and you need to get to it because there’s a screw hole underneath you may have to then destroy the plastic and/or foot to get it off thus being a less than ideal solution.

When replacement generic feet are available for cheap and “better” mounting tape is also cheap these would be the options I recommend. It’s not a hate for superglue (it has its place) but rather a suggestion of a better tool for the job.


Could you maybe link an example of replacement feet, or is it really as simple as going to Amazon and searching for them?

I don’t have a Librem so don’t have a precise link, but yes Amazon has several types of these feet. I’ve used larger ones for network gear and also seen some at the local hardware stores that would work for most laptops.

Hopefully someone can throw out a link of ones they’ve used successfully with a Librem.

Edit: not likely what you need but a generic link to get started

Thanks! I think you are right. Replacements are super plentiful and not expensive. Went ahead and picked some up.


This glue was great. I put the feet back on that came with my librem.

BSI IC-2000 Tire Glue 1/2oz 20-45 Sec. Rubber Toughened Cyanoacrylate

I got it on amazon.


To be honest I have lost all the feet. How I wish I could see your post earlier.

I’m old fashioned, I would have gone to a hardware store and looked for something to protect ceramic knicknacks on a shelf. But I’m glad you found something online or otherwise.

self adhesive furniture anti-bump feet ?

I lost 3, then removed the 4th. Works fine without feet, though you have to be careful of scratching surfaces. At some point, I will probably replace them.

Purism will have to deal with this eventually, it’s a silly problem (my MacBook Pro from 2013 has rubber feet that have never thought of moving). That being said, I’d rather Purism be solving real technical problems than fixing the rubber feet issue.

One solution that did occur to me is that each of the feet on my L13 cover a hole in the metal bottom cover. It should be possible to find some screw-on feet that would fit, though they would have to be very low profile screws for the screw heads to fit inside the case. Maybe that’s not possible, but thought I’d mention it.

This glue is good, also we now have rubber feet available from our webshop:


I usually use my laptop leaned up against a monitor stand (1/2" up) or tilted on my lap. If I am on a flat surface I have two chunks of bicycle innertube I put under the left and right edges. WFM :+1: I dislike sticky things. :wink:

has anyone here considered using pop sockets? $40 but it wont unglue like the shitty pads on the librem.

Could you link what you are talking about? I only know the big one meant to help you get a better grip on your phone.

yeah im talking about those XD

but make sure you greet us with lord Amazon … we won’t accept anything less …