Gnome 3.34 released sept 12, 2019

looks good ! respects and donations are in order for the Gnome foundation. thank you all for contributing !

to me this seems like YET another great release. i’m glad that pressing ctrl now reveals the location of the cursor under Wayland (yay - windows functionality :stuck_out_tongue: )

what do you think ?

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Very Cool! I see lots of good in the future for this.

Does this means it is already available for update within PureOS? I’m not sure if the Purism repos handle the gnome front end or not.

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The PureOS repos hold stable software. The GNOME organization themselves say: “To install it, we recommend that you wait for the official packages provided by your vendor or distribution. Popular distributions will make GNOME 3.34 available very soon, and some already have development versions that include the new GNOME release.”

If you want the latest GNOME Builder you can download that from flathub. There are some other pieces of GNOME software that are available via flatpak, but not all.


No no, not in that big of a rush, but being familiar with the pace at which distros roll out the latest and greatest is something I’m still adjusting to. Thanks for the response and continued patience.

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every 6 months each year the Gnome Foundation releases “just” before each major gnu/linux distribution (start of q2 - start of q4 - usually) a new and updated release of this great piece of gnu-free-software.

sure there are some rough edges still (for me on wayland on AMD hardware i can’t color profile/calibrate my monitor but since i have the option to switch to X11 beforehand and do it there - then after i’m done switch back to wayland and everything works great)

hopefully everything will work on wayland once x11 is “removed”


Debian 10 comes with gnome 3.30 out-of-the-box so i assume that PureOS preserves that …

here is a comprehensive guide on how to boot and install debian 10 on a machine … yes secure-boot is supported for any weird hardware out there …