Gnome account and self signed certificate

I’m running a nextcloud server with selfsigned certificate for my lan only, but gnome accounts do not work with self signed certificate, while in the desktop i can use the browser, in the phone will be less easy since the small form factor and no mouse/keyboard

Do anyone know if this issue will be fixed or if there is any workaround?

You can probably get a certificate signed by letsencrypt, and use that. If you want to access it from your local network, you’ll need to set up a DNS entry for the domain name you get included in the LE cert.

This issue is known, this was fixed in the latest version of GNOME (3.36):

One option is to get a let’s encrypt cert.

Another option is the Nextcloud desktop client that can be used with self signed certificates (but that only deals with files)


Thank you for the replies, it’s a great new to see that the latest version fixed this issue.
Will be this version on librem5 for evergreen batch or when will be part of librem5?

I cannot specify wen it will happen, but yes this version of GNOME will be on the Librem 5.

and with future updates more GNOME awesomeness will trickle into our hands :wink: that’s if we get out of this alive …

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