Gnome Boxes: 'Download Failed'

I’m trying to download and install Debian 10 with Gnome Boxes on the Librem Mini (I love my LM!).

I have successfully installed Debian 9 i686 (netinst) with Gnome Boxes using ‘Download an OS’ without any issues.

When I press ‘Download an OS’ for Debian10 x86_64 (netinst) I get the error message ‘Download failed.’

My PureOS is up-to-date, does anyone know why this is happening?


virt-manager is a lil’ more powerfull and fast if i’m not mistaken … Boxes is just a quick way to asses a new distribution … i don’t like dl my .iso files through it … rather do it myself the old-fashioned-way


Thank you for the tip reC :slightly_smiling_face: