Gnome extensions disabled after Gnome crash (again)

This is probably simple, but I cannot reenable my extensions after Gnome crashed. I tried:

sudo gsettings set disable-user-extensions false

as suggested by searching. I seem to remember this working before, but not this time. There must be some other setting of which I am unaware, and I cannot find it.

The Extensions task and Tweaks are completely disabled.

PS. Sorry, I am using Gnome 3.38 in Byzantium.

I finally figured this out. On “Extensions” there is a button up on the Title bar, near the min/max/close icons. (At least in my customized system.) I did not notice it because I am running in dark mode.

For anyone else in the future, here is what that looks like:

Whew. I am certainly not doing well with technological devices this week…