Gnome seems to lack of feature

i’m playing with the alpha, and i’d like to know if there is a chance to have the cinnamon DE?
i feel it more complete in a different way, more option in nemo, and other stuff,a must for me is to modify the command of apps in the bar, for example i can add “firejail” prefix before firefox, and i can start a sandboxed version of it everytime i click on icons, i cant do that with gnome, that seems good for touch, but not for desktop, should be nice if is possible to have during the installation process the choice to choose between gnome and cinnamon as DE so if someone is not on touch device can choose a more professional de as cinnamon are

i understood you like to have a common de for all your devices, but please dont do the same mistake as microsoft done with metro
privacy is important but a bit of freedom to make some choice is important too

Well, you can always install DE you want after installation. I’m not sure if we’re going to have other DE’s in our repos, but you can easily add Debian repo and install Cinnamon from Debian.

GNOME is already extremely flexible. Install and use gnome-tweak-tool, and visit with Firefox/Iceweasel (I think it should also work with PureBrowser?) to change and extend the feature set of GNOME Shell.

FreeSpirit, we actually have Cinnamon in our repos. So it’s just up to you to install it.

awesome i’ve just installed and it works good