GNOME Shell on Librem 5+Autorotate?

Anyone have any itch to try this out too? I’m messing around with it on the PinePhone somewhat… As I don’t have a Librem 5.

Afaik the auto rotation is not implemented yet on the Librem 5 but it’s in the works.


I remember an older version of phosh that had it

Oh, I was only talking about Phosh on the Librem 5. Maybe it’s possible some things have changed in order to implement it for the Librem 5 which broke that for other phones? But that’s only speculation.

Autorotate is working in GNOME in the PinePhone

How would one decrease the icon DPI on the dash?

If you are using a pinephone, you should try pinephone instructions for that:

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yes, it is in the works