Gnome To Do Subtask Removal 😠

The maintainer of Gnome To Do has decided to remove subtask functionality, a key productivity component of people’s workflows who use local task management, Nextclouud, Google, and other caldav servers that support this. It isn’t live yet in the PureOS repo, however in the flatpak it is already live on Flathub. @tobias.bernard was working on expanding the functionality to make it a cleaner experience, though it already functioned reasonably well to get work done without issues.

Can Purism reverse this course of action? If no, is purism going to fork it to maintain this functionality? Do you also use subtasks and are frustrated to see this unilateral change?

I’m not using it, but hey - it’s open. Fork it, and if it’s really better than the new version, people will thank you.

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It isn’t even necessary to fork if there is an earlier version that worked satisfactorily. However in the long term it will be necessary to fork (e.g. security fixes, other bug fixes, functional enhancement).