Gnome Web issue

Web does this since yesterday’s software updates:

ouch, that doesn’t look good. Hopefully Purism will respond soon with a fix.

Ouch. But you just have to read between the lines… :roll_eyes:

This was brought up in the Matrix chat room recently. Apparently, some Debian security update overrode the PureOS build of WebKit. Purism will ship a fix hopefully soon. Until then, you can set your apt overrides to pull the PureOS version instead.

Edit: The /e/a/preferences.d here I’m assuming means /etc/apt/preferences.d

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This is fixed now


To be more specific:

  • A patch for this has been released and is in our staging repos now (the test repos). In a day or two it should be available as a software update from the standard repos

There are this was an issue in webkitgtk update.


Thanks. I also have Firefox-ESR installed and it works great.

And we don’t even have to wait for some “Patch Tuesday” BS. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I :heart: Linux so much!


The fix should be available now


Sweet! Thanks for the heads-up, Joao.

Cool. But I think I see double. :smile:

They are just that thorough :slight_smile: