GNOME WEB Print Issue

I can not print from within GNOME WEB???
I can copy and paste into Open Office Document etc. and print but not from the GNOME WEB Browser.
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Fred

That is a regression as of GNOME Web 3.34 which started using bubblewrap for sandboxing.
See the bug here:

Only suggestion I could offer is to save the file on the computer and print it outside GNOME Web.

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Anyone know the effect (WEBKIT_FORCE_SANDBOX=0 evolution ) would have on security in Evolution to fix the will not print from WEB Application???

On GNOME Web, none. That command just set an environment variable to disable bubblewrap sandboxing then starts Evolution.

If you set the environment variable more globally and not just while starting Evolution, I assume it could affect GNOME Web though (I didn’t test that).

Thanks! I’m trying to restore printing from my Browser, Gnome WEB.
I was following the Bug report suggestion you provided.
Wasn’t sure what the effect on security would be.
Hopefully it will cure the print problem.