Gnome WEB Shields - like Brave Browser

Maintaining the extensions capability in the past was tough for Epiphany/Gnome web, which is why it was dropped. So since that is tough…this would be just another way to increase privacy and security. So the suggestion was based on what would be something that would compliment and enhance the existing integrated HTTPS in Gnome web. This suggestion maybe seen as something as similar to Brave Browser’s Shields. Gnome Web Shields maybe?

So what existing software/extension technology would be minimally needed and integrated, “baked in”, to Gnome Web to accomplish something similar to having “Shields” ?

HTTPS is already integrated.
Blocking Trackers is also integrated and an option.
CDN emulation?
Blocking Scripts?
Fingerprint Blockers?

Obviously we can’t integrate everything. But 3 to 5 integrated technologies with a similar concept of shields maybe worth a look.

What would you suggest? What combination of technologies do you think might be a winning mix?

I still suggest Decentraleyes at least

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I think getting a quorum on this topic will be impractical and in turn letting each person pick which combination of add-ons they want themselves is going to remain the preferred method.

Each time you increase security and/or privacy you decrease convenience and different people have different use cases and in turn different acceptable levels of inconvenience.

I know some every intelligent people who would not want this functionality baked into the browser precisely because of the inconvenience it would create for their normal usage and they would rather maintain the default of convenience than transition to a default of inconvenience.

I’m not saying one approach is better/worse than the other. I’m just saying there are multiple angles to look at this from and there is no one size fits all solution.

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It would be great if people could add their own extensions at will. However that is not possible. As I said in the initial post… Epiphany/Gnome Web did have extensions but dropped support because that method was too maintenance heavy. So as of now, there are NO options for Gnome Web. So having ‘Shields’ integrated is not a bad secondary option. HTTPS is already integrated in Gnome Web, but many don’t realize it. And if you actually looked at Brave shields, the user has the ability to select which one they want enabled, all, or none. I never once mentioned that the user did not have control. That is why I put the link to Brave Shields so people can actually take a look at how they work. Maybe you should give them a look? However, as of now, Gnome will not have extensions of add-ons. They have made it clear it is not visible. Shields may not be the perfect solution but it is a pretty good one given the alternative. But it has given Brave Browser users the very basics they need for privacy and security. I see no reason to do the same here.

Https in Gnome