Gold USB overwritten

So I have abit of a problem. I need to reformat my laptop as it’s having a ton of problems.

Is there anyway to get the files that were on my gold usb back on? I think they got overwritten when I was unfortunately desperate for a usb key

What gold usb? What operating system do you want to install?

Honestly I just want to wipe the computer clean. I installed Linux mint and I have to go into untrusted OS boot menu to access it

What kind of clean do you mean? Do you want a fresh installation of Mint?

I think he means the Librem Vault.

From the FAQ

It is a plain USB flash drive, gold coloured, with Librem Vault label on it, that is used to store your Librem Key’s public GPG key (textual file with .asc extension). Librem Vault drive is required for certain operations with PureBoot, like OEM factory reset of the PureBoot.

Comment to Purism … I wish it were readily possible to link directly to an FAQ entry.