Good news about Etnaviv

According to this article from Michael Larabel on, “Lucas Stach has sent in the Etnaviv DRM driver changes to DRM-Next for the Linux 4.15 kernel…

This is a great news for the Librem 5 project (if they will use the 4.15 or above Linux kernel) mainly because this new code “includes landing GPU performance counter support, which is important for developers in being able to analyze/tune the performance.”.

It is already a great achivement that the funding phase has reached the initial goal but knowing that the all software’s stack will greatly improve in the coming year makes me think that even the Purism folks will be astonished by the result of what they did.

I am really confident that this project will be a real break through in the Open Source history.

May the FLOSS be with you :smiley:



Thank you for the pointer, that is indeed great news!

It is still quite some time until we fix things down. Currently we aim for being as mainline as possible but we have to align that with the other requirements as we get them in. Currently we are using 4.13.5 on our i.MX6 development setups and will move on to 4.14 once it is released.

If we upgrade to i.MX8M, which we all hope for, we need to see how good its kernel support will be and based on which version. Maybe we will not be able to supply most recent mainline kernel right from the start but we will be working towards it, promised.



Salut Nicole,

Sry for answering so late…

Let’s say I am an optimistical dreamer :star_struck:


Here are other good news about Etnaviv:

Etnaviv Gallium3D Is Almost To OpenGL 2.0 Compliance

Occlusion Queries Land In Etnaviv For Mesa 17.3

Indeed, there is plenty of room up to OpenGL-3.1 but reaching the 2.0 compliance is already a great thing.

Also, keep in mind that reverse-engineering is a tough thing to do and very time consuming.

I’ll try to update this post as much as I can all along the way to our final destination wich obviously will only be a new begining for all of us… :wink:


PS: @nicole.faerber See, already another step forward :rofl:



I am back with more good news :grinning:

Etnaviv Gallium3D May Eventually Tackle OpenCL

“Etnaviv OpenCL support may also prove interesting as Purism’s Librem 5 smartphone is slated to use the Etnaviv driver and this would allow for OpenCL support from this privacy-minded GNU/Linux smartphone.”

Etnaviv Gallium3D Reaches OpenGL 2.1

“That’s now in place for Mesa 17.4-dev while their next big milestone will be OpenGL 3.0 with much more work ahead. Most Vivante GC hardware is capable of OpenGL ES 3.1 / OpenGL 3.0 / OpenCL 1.2.”

Last but not least…

Etnaviv Driver Sends Out Patches For Vivante GC7000 Support

This last one is probably the most important one for us because and I quote:

“This is especially important if the Purism Librem 5 smartphone ends up shipping with an i.MX8 SoC and will need the GC7000 series graphics support.”

How cool is that, eh? :sunglasses:

I’d like to thank Michael Larabel creator/writer/maintainer of the phoronix website for gathering and providing all these informations to us. For those who doesn’t know Phoronix, it is simply the place to go for getting up-to-date informations related to the FLOSS world.

I also would like to thank all the Devs and companies that are working so hard to give us the opportunity to unchained ourself from all of those “big brother” narrow minded companies…

See you soon with more great news in my bag :wink:



Salut tout le monde (“Hi, everyone” in French),

Long time no see…

Anyways, I am back with another great news!

As usual, this news is coming from Phoronix . This time it is about what the German Company called Pengutronix has been working on.

Apparently, they were able to put their hands on some i.MX8M hardware just before Christmas!

So, if you want to know more about it, I suggest you to go read this article Pengutronix Gets Open-Source 3D Working On MX8M/GC7000 Hardware by Michael Larabel and the announcement made by Pengutronix Embedded World 2018: Etnaviv on MX8M! related to the presentation they will make at the embedded world Conference 2018

For those interested, this event starts on next tuesday 27/02/2018 (my birthday :wink: ) and will last until the 01/03/2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. There are also plenty of other very intersting subjects on the program.




Librem 5 GPU driver Etnaviv it supporting: ARB_parallel_shader_compile. will be on Mesa 22.2