Goodbye, and good luck :)


System76 is nice, but honestly, if you don’t care about the FOSS nature of the laptop, then getting a dell XPS or Lattitude or even an HP Elitebook makes more sense.

From System76 the Thelio is super compelling though.


Pics of the phone are out , it’s being shipped now. I’ve been waiting YEARS for a phone like this. I’ve waited since Jan. 2018 and I’m waiting 2 more months to get a Chestnut.
I’ve invested too much time to give up now. The anxiety and impatience are not enjoyable. But the day the phone arrives will be a spiritual experience.
i’ve got a good feeling that the reward will be well worth the wait.
Have a little faith,



aaaawwww c’mon guys don’t leave. save #the-future-super-goat-generations


I always thought it’s the pupil (the black rectangle thingy), now you make me wonder…
EDIT: After a short research I must disappoint you - it’s a pupil. Sorry.


or black color :wink: how cool is this ? well black and white are considered non-colors in my language (when translated directly)


The tragedy of leaving just before the reward. Patience seems to have evaporated these days. You have expectations of a multinational corporation like Samsung from an upstart David looking to take on the Goliath. You failed to manage your own expectations.


you know in that story we are thought a very important lesson …


If Purism, as mentioned in their Librem Social post, has sold tens of thousands of phones, a couple people leaving won’t hurt.

And whether or not to buy a device (whether based on hardware factors, communication, or whatever else) is a free and personal decision for anyone.

I know people who said they would never buy Apple computers because the type of people who use them “think they are so superior”. Yeah, fine, they can base their buying decisions on anything they want.

I honestly will feel bad if someone at the head of the queue left because they thought they were going to lose their money somehow, and then the devices start to show up.

Which is exactly what I think is going to happen, and then you have to join in the back of the queue. But again, I don’t think that will hurt the company, if they are selling that many phones. It just means those of us behind you in the queue will move forward, and it sounds like there are many thousands behind us as well.

I wrote in another thread a couple of months ago that nothing in life is guaranteed, and the only purchase you can be sure of is if you can walk into the store, put down your money, and walk out with the item. And that doesn’t guarantee the thing will work.

Purism is a reputable company. If they couldn’t produce the phone, they’d give you your money back.

More important for me, I want to invest in the future.

I want my children (and future grand-children) to have access to technology that is not spyware, that they can own, update how they want, etc. That is what I put my money down for, and every step (and yes, every misstep) helps us toward that future.

This is happening, now. With Purism. With the Pine Phone. With the development of RISC-V. Etc

Since it is the mobile phone that everyone carries around with them, that people always have on them, then that is the most important hardware to free.

While I applaud Pine64 for their work, they are not pushing quite as far. They are not pushing the software (VERY important, and all the software Purism is producing will help the Pine Phone).

And from what I’ve read, they don’t have hardware that would meet “Respects Your Freedom” certification (I saw them mention that in answer to a question a few months back, but I am having trouble finding it quickly now).

Again, I hope Pine Phone succeeds, just like I hope System76, Think Penguin, ZaReason etc all do great.

But it is this phone, the Librem 5, I am most looking forward to.


For me - Ive been on the other side, luckily I didn’t burn, I recognized the risk before it materialized but I saw people burned by that (they are still combusting if you touch this point). But jolla was mere mer :slight_smile: and they didn’t open silica and kernel in the end.
For this particular case - there’s much higher bid at stake, so I’ve made an investment, and it already paid out (dev kit vs iMX8 is mainlined, libhandy is in the wild).
So now I’m just waiting whether there will be a bonus. Even if not - still there’s tremendous work being already done.


Pinephone it’s a wonderful project, but as said by others in here, it’s, in many ways, another kind of philosophy compared to Librem 5. Personally I would be extremely pissed off if Purism will not deliver, I am still hoping that they have messed up massively with their announcement, maybe it was a wrong business decision, but eventually we’ll be able to get our phones.
In the disgraceful case that they don’t, I probably will consider to buy a refurbished Xperia XA2, and put Sailfish on it, and when available I would get a Pinephone as well. But honestly, I really hope that this will not be the case, there’s so much going on other than the phone by itself in this project!!


My personal alternative is what I’m currently using: An Essential Phone PH-1 with Lineage OS, no Google Play Services installed and the F-Droid app store. It’s got a bunch of blobs in terms of vendor firmware and proprietary kernel modules, but at least it’s not spying on me directly to Google at this point. In addition battery life is phenomenal.


I really dislike any derivative of android (I refer to LineageOS, /e/, Replicant, etc). Not because they are not nice (Replicant it’s actually awesome in terms of freedom), but because they heavily depends on Google anyway: for every major release they pick the source from when AOSP is released, wich is a closed development program driven mainly by Google. So basically they feed the monster in many ways.
Jolla is not much different though, but at least it’s GNU/Linux and much of the work done for the OS it’s easily transferable to other GNU/Linux environments (see for example Puremaps).


I would rather take a brand new Pixel 3a and install graphene os


So are you going to buy another libre phone or are you just satisfied having a spy brick for now? If it’s the former, then which phone will it be?


But they decided to look good through a meaningless trick. Now they not only did it wrong but they made the situation worse when they also announced a higher version in less than a year. Planned Obsolescence in the old Apple style is a consequence of their wrong management.

I Don’t think you can call that “planned obsolescence”. It is rather a plan to upgrade at first possibility. The difference would be if they had access to upgrades before they started the design work. Anything else - even having access before implementation yet after the design work, may not be doable. Progress has to be allowed for else we would still be around the cave fire and the conversation would go something like this:
Darg: You gave me Badger skin when you had cloth.
Ug: I hunted Badger skin now what I do?


I do not think that planned obsolescence will be a problem since the phone will remain usable and supported so people who upgrade do so because they just want to upgrade, not because their phone stopped working properly.