Goodbye, and good luck :)

I’m done, I hope the L5 suceeds techinogically but the project has failed it’s principle of openess. If I get my refund fast then I can spare you all more boredom.
If you find your gaze tends to drift up and left it might be the encroaching realization that the Purism logo has an unfortunate similarity to a brick.
I hope Todd dosn’t have his house on the project, otherwise he might be off to the forest with his tent. Will he choose:
Bye :slight_smile:

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


I might have been quick enough :slight_smile:






oh dear, and I’ve only just arrived!
I respectfully ask for your slot!
emoji of your choice


Don’t let the haters get you down man. The smart money is making a break for the exits while they putz around.

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so the ‘haters’ made him leave…
care to name them?

Good luck spending that money on anything that comes anywhere close to whatever it is you feel entitled to.


Can we please try to get along without personal attacks or ignore them?

Be excellent to each other.


I hope you’re still here. I don’t blame you and I understand your frustration. I believe that Purism was not prepared to take on this task and is not yet prepared to assume correctly what is left. I expected everyone to receive a unique version of L5 starting in Q3 this year. They were not prepared to delivery the L5 on that date and to comply they planned this chaos. I would have preferred to wait for December and have a Birch or a Chesnut or whatever as the L5. But they decided to look good through a meaningless trick. Now they not only did it wrong but they made the situation worse when they also announced a higher version in less than a year. Planned Obsolescence in the old Apple style is a consequence of their wrong management.
I have not abandoned this project because the PinePhone is no better option than L5 and because my iPhone 7 still works without problems. I advise you to wait. We have no alternative. Ignore all these teasing that you have been subjected to and try to help us handle this device whenever it arrives.

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Unfortunately, at this point, I am evaluating to do the same… I’ll wait a couple of weeks and see how it goes. If you mind, can you keep us updated about the reimbursement process? Thank you

in my eyes that rectangle looks more like a really steep dam with super-goats licking salt minding their business … beeeee !


I’m glad you took this well. I did not mean it as a personal attack.

What I’m really getting at, is that I don’t think what you are wanting will ever exist. Purism is your best hope (currently).


Now that we speak about goats… do you know they have rectangle pupils?


i believe that rectangle shaped pattern in the Ibex’ eye is called an iris - the pupil is the lens no ?

Unfortunately, at this point, I am evaluating to do the same… I’ll wait a couple of weeks and see how it goes

You are not the only one right now. What would be your preferred alternative?
Waiting in the first place. After that: Reviewing Pinephone in parallel to L5, if ever shipped (both)?
Waiting for L5 v2 in 2020 or whenever they will tackle the task?

Would be nice, if you could share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.


No the haters didn’t make him leave. They are just reinforcing his decision to do so.


The pupil is the opening that lets the light into your eyeball.

The iris is the colored muscle that surrounds the opening and adjusts its size, it’s what gives your eye blue, green, or brown color.


Glad you asked :wink: I am going to put it towards a System 76 Darter Pro which will replace my aging Librem 15 rev3 as my primary laptop. They haven’t really upgraded the Librem 15 in any notable way since I bought that thing two years ago. A TPM chip and a slight processor refresh ain’t worth spending another 2k on.

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