Google and others have fingers everywhere even on PureOS


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do it like this

open the “terminal” app - just open app drawer in GNOME and search for it

then type (no need to sudo)

ss -pr > sspr.log

THEN upload it (the sspr.log file) here :cold_sweat:

you can find it in your home folder


I don’t see any active remote connections. You said you installed on your desktop computer?


@mladen I read it as booted the live cd/installer cd did not actually go through the install process.

“running latest PureOS live cd from desktop pc”

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I did not install PureOS on desktop pc. It is running from live PureOS cd.


The installer perhaps communicates with external servers, what I would like to see is installed PureOS.


Just went over to check RATtrap website, I’d say they are more likely the culprit than PureOS. Either of their hardware or software have Google/Apple fingerprints all over it. Obviously, RATtrap is in collaboration with those data sniffers, they’re not an independent company since you could see their programs can be downloaded thru Google Play and Apple Store which is saying a lot.


show you different firewall log.

@uniqueNICK Please upload log file (copy pasta) to DistBin:

That way we all can see it in a much more manageable form.

  • Thanks!


For those asking to see more information, or information a different way, wouldn’t it make more sense to perform your own tests and share those results? After all even with the complete logs from the OS and Firewall with timestamps there’s no way to know they’re from the same test (no offense intended to uniqeNICK, I’m primarily playing devil’s advocate).

I haven’t gotten to run my own tests yet, but my intended setup is to create a VM and boot from the live CD but instead of using the firewall my plan is to give the parent OS access to the virtual nic and run a packet capture and see hat happens with just the live CD booting, just the settings being opened, and just opening purebrowser, and maybe try opening anything else I find with the pure prefix that implies Purism customization had happened.

@mladen I think that it does matter whether or not the live CD phones home in some fashion not just PureOS post install.

Personally I still suspect it’s something with purebrowser and the fact that it is customized Firefox with Google as an optional search provider.


We have a ticket for this here, so if anyone is interested into contributing, you are welcome: