Google and others have fingers everywhere even on PureOS


i would like to share my RATtrap firewall log with you all. Let me explain the setup and situation. I am running latest PureOS live cd from desktop pc. I have only one pc connected to this RATtrap connected network. I have 4g router from Tp link. Ethernet cable goes from router to RATtrap firewall device and then from RATtrap directly to ethernet port of the desktop pc. The RATtrap firewall is in EXTREME firewall protection mode wich is still experimental. But why Amazon, Google and Akamai Technologies still passing trough PureOS as outgoing attempt? I am very surprised that Google found the way into PureOS where it should not have any leaks and links to its worst enemy. Its true that i did not verify SHA… of the live cd image but some time ago i did and it showed the same outgoing attempts.
What do you think about this threat?


It would be interesting to see what did you actually run on your PureOS. Could you provide output of the ss -pr command?


In the meantime i reboot the pc and ran PureOS again to show you different firewall log.
Here it is.


Here is the output.














Hope it helps somehow. After boot i only click Pure browser icon and settings.


Do you need any other outputs to bu run?


I’m curious if by going into settings is where the culprit is. I don’t remember precisely, but I think Google is one of the alternate search providers in Firefox and in turn maybe that is happening when the settings reaches out for available providers to list…

Just speculation at this point but is the first thing that comes to my mind.


I ment not the settings of the pure browser, i use duckduckgo as the search provider. I only click the pure browser icon and the settings icon of the PureOS itself to adjust power settings.