Google Sued for Obtaining & Using Private Medical Records (UK)

It’s mind-boggling that any medical service would think it’s OK to connect Google to their patients’ private data.

Medical records contain very comprehensive, personal information. Seems like every week there’s a new data breach involving hospitals and health insurance companies.

As an aside, I know of at least one local optometry business that suggests gmail for forwarding records from former providers to them! Unbelievable.

P.S. Yay! The more lawsuits, the better! :stuck_out_tongue:


In general, I find astonishing the number of people who think e-mail (not encrypted) is secure and send confidential and personal information over it. I hate even sending innocuous things to people on gmail, because I never agreed to Google’s terms, and I am sure that their spiders are crawling all over it.

One reason I left my VPN recently is the advice given to me by their Help Desk for an issue was “Login into your Google account…” Aside from the stupidity of that advice, they completely ignored my initial comment that I try to block Google, Facebook, etc., on all my systems.


Lawsuits are part of the normal expenses of these large companies. It is not by suing them that they will stop if they still make a profit doing it. The whole idea of lawsuits does not address the conditions of possibility of their wealth.


That is so, but they still have to expend a lot of effort and go through a lot of inconvenience to fight the lawsuits, which works in our favor. :slight_smile:


If they lose the suit and the court orfers them not to do it again, I suspect violation of a court order would result im some sanction more serious than a fine.



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Yes it is mind-boggling. Then on the other side of the coin you read news about hospitals getting ransomware attacks. At least in Google it you know there will be a back up taken.

Which makes me wonder, what world do hospital data center managers live in? You’d think they could restore from a back-up and not have a hospital down for a week. Don’t the make back ups anymore? Story I read yesterday first case of ransomware death of a baby.

Addendum: Would it be a conspiracy theory to think ransomware attacks are from a secret Google cabal in order to get customers to convert to the “cloud”?

Many of these data exfiltration attacks seem to be from nation-state actors, rather than from criminals seeking ransom. It’s not only Google and Facebook who want to add to their database on every human on the planet.

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It can be more confusing than that.

If it’s from North Korea then it can be nation state and ransomware i.e. a way of making hard currency.

If it’s from a sneaky intelligence service then it can be nation state and ransomware - because they are really after the information or the access but they disguise it as a garden variety ransomware attack i.e. they don’t care about the money but they at least have to demand it. Or maybe I’ve been watching too many movies. :slight_smile: