Google uses collected data to train its AI

(Dirty) business as usual.

Most AI is being trained on publicly available free information. It’s so much cheaper.

To my mind the greater problem is that the information is collected in the first place, not what they do with it having collected it. Once information is collected you have pretty much surrendered control over what happens with the information after that.

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Well there are not any technical restrictions to prevent any parties from doing so, and clearly legal implementations have loopholes that continue to be (ab)used.

irvinewade, and i think that every big tech company would use train the device singals, to know which human belongs to which device. Its Telemetry. And all Voices, Shadows, Biometric barking dogs or purring cats in the household too.

In Theory these companies collect every piece of information to predict future. For certainty on capitals investment.

So i would train a camera or a software keyboard or an audio assistant on the device too to, tune for your human and know best about him. And to speed this up, i would exchange Information to compare with another target group, or to specialize that target group for a better match.

Bruce Schneier: The Internet Enabled Mass Surveillance. AI Will Enable Mass Spying. - Schneier on Security

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