Google's Profits Fall

I take this opportunity to extend a huge “Thank you!” to the many, many ad- and tracker-blocking projects, custom Android ROM developers and open-source repositories, GNU/Linux developers, VPN services, and the non-profit organizations and individuals working diligently to help secure personal privacy, security, and freedom from data exploitation.

Special mention to those national governments that have recognized and responded to the threat with massive fines to certain #@%&ing data-abusing tech companies.

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Same goes for Meta and Microsoft in Q3 :grin:



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Why does this happen now, suddenly?

I was under the impression that Google&co had everything under control.

Could have something to do with recent large fines, data privacy regulations, ability to generate ad revenue in light of those. The article also mentions several expensive projects that had to be shelved.

Your impression is still valid: “I think we will play a role in that.”.

P.S. Quite related thread already exits.

I am sorry to break the party… but no. Thats not enough, and it just aim on old projects and the S.C. have still build and in use new Information routines to collect and adjust behavour.

We’re proud that our data centers are some of the most efficient in the world, and we have worked to reduce their environmental impact even as demand for our products has dramatically risen.” Nothing about what kind of food they eat?