Got my Chestnut (in Sweden)

I got my phone yesterday. And I can report that calling works. For those interested, I have a Tele 2 SIM card. All of the friends I called reported an echo on their voice though. So they weren’t very impressed with the audio. No issues from my side though.

I couldn’t get the headset working. But I just noticed you can select input and output in the settings. So I’m going to try with headset today to see if the echo disappears.

Also, it was delivered with DHL and I had to pay tax and import charges. Total cost was 1544 SEK (~165 USD)


Hi @Magnus, Would you mind trying to find the cameras?

Thanks, Amos

Great! How is the battery life?

Very bad, since the CPU is running too much. I haven’t measured it. But it draws so much power, you have to turn off the phone to charge it. But its probably fixable by improving the OS driver for the CPU.