Got [MyL5], um dont like it, no sound no weather, might sell

Got my L5, set it up like the docs say, did the update and rebooted. So the weather never does anything just spins searching - never asked where to search.
The speakers have no sound, the volumes are all the up in sounds and I can see MODEM in the /proc/asound/cards and pulseaudio running.

Where else or just sell it?

edited: hate was too strong, dont like is more truthful

In the Weather app, did you try typing your location (or nearest large town)? You may have to wait a second or two for auto-populate to search and display the choices.

(Edit: You may also have to start typing the location name s-l-o-w-l-y until the search kicks in.)

And I don’t think it can make use of the GPS yet.

Never get a chance to type anything, it goes straight to spinning. In fact just left it for 43 minutes while I had lunch, no luck.
I am installing pureOS to a VM and see if I can reflash. I have a feeling I was sent a reject, I did not have ANY screen protectors on it.

I noticed my Weather app is slightly misbehaving today, too - no forecast available. Could have been a recent update or something.


Replied to this part of your post in via email in reply to the email you sent us.

Currently there is an issue with the weather app, likely you are having this issue:

That will be fixed in a future version


Man I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat, I ordered Jan. 2019.


Oh the joys of being an early adopter!

If you sell it, you can probably make some profit, but I would only sell it if you dislike the hardware, because the software is going to keep improving, so it is too early to judge its functionality at this point.

If you can’t live with the weight or the thickness, if you need something with more processing power than the i.MX 8M Quad, more internal storage than 32GB, etc., then it makes sense to sell. Otherwise, it is worth waiting to see how much it improves before deciding whether to sell.


I was waiting since Sept. 2017!
I am having a nightmare about dial up modems in Mandrake!

I know the software will catch up but my hands no longer can really grip too much. So I am going to keep trying to get the sound working and I am also talking with support.


No screen protector here too :thinking:


No screen protector for me either (months ago). I think they have just decided not to supply one, since customers were forgetting to take it off.

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I don’t understand why someone would need more than 32 GB internal storage, when you can insert a microSD with up to 2 TB. Yes, its speed is lower, but what are you going to do with more than 32 GB of very high-speed disk? Set up a production database on it?


Use it as a desktop replacement as promoted? :slight_smile:

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Yes, but given it’s 3 GB RAM, you would not run any resource-heavy applications anyway. Everything fitting into 3 GB RAM should work fine on a microSD card (or on 32 GB eMMC) I guess.

Hello, personally, I don’t ask for more than 32GB. However, I can also understand that a product sold as more than a smartphone (I think about convergence) would need more than 32GB for somebody. For instance, 64GB is OK as a “mini” desktop to make sound/video editing, a few code programming, and store some movies locally. This is just my pinion about this specific remark.

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Another consideration is that anything that is soldered down ought to have plenty of headroom. That is particularly so for a device that is marketed as having a long support life.

If you read the discussion about moving ~purism to the uSD card, it becomes apparent that there may be things that are better left on the eMMC drive i.e. if getting it onto the uSD card is too “hacky” for Kyle then it’s probably too hacky for most. (I’ve put “media” files onto my uSD card and that is probably the ideal use i.e. take up lots of space and it doesn’t matter where they are located.)

I’m not at all saying that 32 GB is insufficient, only that we will discover over time how it pans out.


Maybe interesting to have your opinion here.


A lot depends on whether the speed of the microSD card will improve or not. If it stays at around 10 MB/s, then it is going to be painfully slow. I don’t want to take photos/video at that speed, so I are going to use the eMMC storage, and that is going to fill up rapidly. When I work with large documents in LibreOffice on my Raspberry Pi 4B and a microSD card, I basically have to stop working for 20 seconds every 5 minutes when it autosaves. The wait time is going to be even longer with the Librem 5 due to its slower microSD, so I doubt that I will use the Librem 5 as a desktop PC.

If this is a problem for you, you could save your big file you are currently working on your internal storage and archive it later on µSD. If low µSD speed is the only thing that prevents you from using L5 as desktop replacement, I would use it this way.


I’m already down to about 16 gigs available on my internal drive, just from installing applications. I recall seeing one flatpak that was over 800 megs to download and 500 or so installed. (I didn’t keep that one.)

About the screen protector, I believe Purism said a while back that it was only there to prevent scratching while shipping from the factory, and wasn’t meant to be permanently applied. Although I’m still using mine after almost 4 months. Maybe they decided to pull them off before final shipping?

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