GPS with WiFi only

Any news on the Librum map app and the expected map accuracy?
If you download offline maps, and start out your trip while connected to Wifi, will the phone accurately track your location if you are not connected to a carrier like Verizon, Sprint, Etc?

I tried using my phone as a wifi only VOIP phone about two years ago, but there was just too much lag to make conversations practical. I’m thinking of giving it another try as apparently the phone has been optimized for that option.
The one concern I still have is navigation though.

Is it expected we will still have accurate navigation while not connected to any data or mobile network?

What’s wrong with GPS without WiFi too, instead using … GPS? (or, more correctly, replace both occurrences of “GPS” with “GNSS”)

If it’s wifi only, it’s not GPS.
You can locate your device by WIFI using a database of WIFI access points location (for example

You can also passively use high accuracy GNSS location signals (GPS / Galileo / GLONASS etc) without network connection (mobile, WIFI or Bluetooth).


Yes. And even with all three kill switches off, I hope so.

With all 3 switches turned to off, GPS is disabled too.

Look at their lockdown mode post, in the section toward the bottom - “What About Offline Navigation”


I see, even with cellular baseband kill switch off Teseo LIV3F GNSS will accurately track my location with (needed/adequate) offline map data. @leetaur, thanks, now I am focused.