Graphical interface

If you allow a image buffer to create window from node.js I would very kindly make you a beautiful graphical interface for all g.settings and similar stuff.

Maybe you should come for scripting OS in node.

Advantages: Is memory efficient, little kids understand javascript pretty well, it’s safe, it’s easy to write.
How to make graphical interface in node.js: Just wrap Xorg windowmaker thing there and stream frame buffer by the socket. That’s pretty much easy way.

We could create phone themes like that, every webdesigner would know how to write, in vecors…

It would be nice, because you don’t have to type while programming, and therefore type cells in your heads are free for thinking of yours.

And also, SVG processor with really good effects already exists in javascript, and in animations and design, we could be cooler than android or apple in just a while.

What do you say about it?

You could try out Electron.

Yes, but there would be need for some pressure to whole phone be in it, because as application it’s hard to integrate electron, because settings and other things can be hard to manage if not manageable trough command line.

I really don’t get your point. What exactly is hard to manage with Electron? :sweat_smile:

I don’t know, but it’s for one application, to have phone in it, you must reprogram everything in phone for it…
A little bit hard work, but I may do it once I buy a phone.

Not my are, not even close, but as I understand, L5 uses Wayland and not Xorg. Does that make a difference? And as PureOS is trying to make apps that converge (one app for desktop and phone), making any interfacething just for phone might not be on the todo-list.