Graphics application to use on Librem 15?

Just by pure chance stumbled at Purism today. Never knew before.
I use Mac with all the applications.
My most important application is GraphicConverter, for working with images.
Is there a similar application for Librem 15 ?

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There are a lot of alternatives for every program in GNU/Linux, you can check in I don’t know what GraphicConverter exactly does, but you can have a look to:

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darktable and DisplayCal.

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ImageMagic is also an extremely powerful graphic file manipulation tool.


was suggested above my post but with poor spelling … :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it was spelled correctly. @jeremiah has it spelled incorrectly. :slight_smile:

@zaltuta hasn’t given us much to go on.

ImageMagick (specifically convert and mogrify) is good for batch format conversion or alteration of images i.e. doing the same thing to tens, hundreds or even thousands of images.

GIMP is a good all round tool for “working with images”, although it may be too feature rich for some tastes.

oh shit you’re right ! haaha but it sounds better that way

well here it is >

I know, I did a search with apt before posting because I wasn’t sure about the package name.

Thanks Uzanto,
GraphicConverter is graphics/photo editor, like Photoshop but without steroids. It’s for Mac only. It does everything to edit any image, not exactly “professionally” but quite close to that. It’s comparable to Photoshop Elements.

I use GIMP for photo/image editing. It works great for me. They have a version for Mac OS X, too. Maybe you could download it and give it a spin to see what you think?

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In case you have image analysis to do, give ImageJ a try.
FIJI is the ImageJ preloaded with all the goodies. You can script and batch process here as well.