Guest Post: PureOS for Creatives Part 3: Studio and System Set Up with JACK

[This is part three of a three part series by our guest blogger Tre Scranton: PureOS for Creatives – covering music creation. If you hadn’t read part one covering music production with LMMS but would like to, click here . For part two covering audio engineering with Ardour and Mixbus, click here .]

To see the whole post including the video, click here:

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Well that was… one step above useless? I think the issue is badly managed expectations. An accurate title would be “Studio and System Showcase with JACK”.

What’s the actual setup? No clue. Is he using jack2? Is pulseaudio suspended, or is it isolated (it’s not slaved to Jack, as it’s not in the connection list, but it can’t be uninstalled, as gnome requires it).

Here’s a question for anyone who watches that, and doesn’t already use Jack: After viewing that video, do you have any idea how you’d go about replicating the Jack setup?

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You have some fair criticisms. The video was a bit light on the step-by-step HOWTO part. I’ll see if we can’t flesh that part out with footage that wasn’t in the final cut.

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Looking forward to it. I’m curious to see how his setup differs from mine, and what oddities he’s had to work around (as there generally are some with Jack).