GUFW keeps turning off and killing my internet


I’ve got a new install of KDE PureOS 10.0 on my laptop. I installed GUFW and set it to incoming-deny, outgoing-allow, as usual. But when I turn on my computer first thing in the morning, the internet is dead. I open the GUFW app and see that it is set to off for some reason. Turning it back on restores internet.

So, my question is twofold.
#1 Why is GUFW turning itself off upon shutdown. Why isn’t it automatically on when I startup?
#2 Why is my internet getting killed when GUFW is set to off? Shouldn’t I just have all incoming and outgoing ports open when it’s set to off?

Thank you!

Your description is not detailed enough to help you here.

What does that mean? Are you connected (wifi, ethernet are up have ip, dns is set)?

Why should it be?
I have to admit I do not know anything about gufw, but for what I understand it is just a gui to ufw.
Is ufw set to be persistent, and what rules are loaded?

Next question:
since 10.0 PureOS comes with firewalld enabled by default. Is firewalld still running?
$ sudo systemctl status firewalld

And since firewalld is running most likely anyway, do you need gufw?
firewalld in its default initial configuration does exactly what you are setting your gufw to.