Guide to setting up Librem Key with Librem

Just saw this video by Purism’s CSO:

I love that if you purchase the key with your librem it is coming from the factory set up. However, I ordered and got my Librem right inbetween the announcement of the librey key and as such got my key after I’d already received my librem.

So some questions:
-Is getting heads on mine as simple as building the latest coreboot and installing it?
-Is getting my librem key setup with coreboot/heads straight forward after it is on the machine, or do you guys have a guide for that?

Awesome job and keep up the great work!


I just got my Librem 15 + Librem Key this week, and it was not setup at the factory. According to the Librem Key announcement, enabling at factory and shipping the key separately is a future plan.

I have the same questions essentially. I was under the understanding when my Librem 15 + key showed up today that the laptop would be running Heads already and at the very least be able to configure the TPM and Librem key immediately.

In that announcement, it doesn’t say anything about Heads not coming with the laptops. If you read the announcement not already knowing these laptops aren’t shipping with Heads, then it’s entirely not clear there’s manual work required to get it in a state where you can actually use the tamper resistance and other functionality.

With Librem Key, IT departments will have an integrated out-of-the-box solution for disk and email encryption, authentication, and tamper-evident boot security that’s easy to use.

There’s unfortunately nothing out-of-the-box about having to build coreboot/heads and do whatever is needed to get it working. There’s also no documentation I’ve been able to find which clearly lays out what needs to be done and how to do it correctly.

The only functionality (as it pertains to this announcement and the OP) you get “out-of-the-box” is what you already get by owning a Nitrokey and any other laptop: the smartcard and GPG functionality.


I understand your dismay that official instructions are not available yet but it is largely due to the fact that the HEADS payload for Librem is somewhere in between Alpha and Beta stages. Configuration is actively being ironed out with considerations for non-technical Librem users. From what I understand the UI also isn’t quite ready for prime time yet as there are a number of edge cases and foibles yet to be addressed.

If you could lend your voice here: The Librem Key Makes Tamper Detection Easy and perhaps email Kyle Rankin expressing your interest to participate in the HEADS Beta program I am sure more participants would accelerate the process. I am waiting to hear back from him as well but assume he is busy with other priorities.

Can I assume from this thread that the Librem Key isn’t functional yet? I just received my new Librem 15 and the key doesn’t do anything. I thought I did something wrong by booting up for the first time and creating my own passwords which I enter manually each time I turn on the computer.

I recently purchased a Librem 15 and the Librem Key. Is the Librem Key still a lead weight or is it now functional. I find it hard to believe that Purism would sell an item that appears to not be functional.

The devices should ship in the next week or so.

If true, that would be a bad business practice. Hopefully someone can confirm this for me.

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Unless something has changed recently, the only thing it does is the GPG stuff. The other functionality such as helping with heads and 2 factor login, are all in the future. I agree that this is NOT made adequately clear in the product description for the key.

Purism makes exceptional products. I will just have to anxiously wait for the updated functionality to be added. :slight_smile: