HACK: Automatic brightness

I’ve created a really simple hack to get automatic brightness working sanely

It’s not perfect, and has some issues, but it’s been working good enough for me for the past few weeks, and thus others might find it helpful.

Current issues:

  1. If you cover the proximity sensor the screen blanks. The daemon itself isn’t doing anything dumb like setting the brightness to 0. It’s somehow tied to how it’s probing the sensors via monitor-sensor.
  2. If you flip off all of the kill switches to off to where you disable the light sensor, and then back on, it’ll stop the automatic brightness from working. This seems to be a bug with iio-sensor-proxy(sometimes restarting the iio-sensor-proxy service fixes it) or further up the chain.

I’m looking into how one might fix the system level automatic brightness. However, it’ll likely take me awhile to find the relevant code (based on the issue info, it appears to be in gnome-settings-daemon).


Looks nice, I’ll try it when my L5 arrives on Wednesday.