HackersGame videos

Okay, my access to Librem hardware sucks atm. I only have access to a dev kit for a few hours every couple of weeks now. :scream:
While I still have some hope Purism can repair my personal dev kit, videos will be (and are) drastically slowed down without hardware.

To the point. I’m looking for more recording opportunities. If you happen to live near the Portland Oregon metropolitan area, and are in an early batch… I would love to record your phone and get your impressions of it once it arrives. (I’m in evergreen)

Also, if anyone has an unused dev kit (I don’t want to take one from an active developer). I would be willing to buy it off them. (Offer: 350$)

In any case, I’ll keep making videos as quickly as I can.


If I had a devkit I would have just sent it to you to keep the videos going. I love your work!


Thanks, I’m glad you like them. :slight_smile: