Hackintosh Step by Step Tutorial For A Purism/Linux Newbie

I need to get OSX running inside a VM, any VM, one way or another.

Reading this forum, I know it is possible on Purism hardware. But so far, I’ve run into one snag or another, and could not get it to work.

Those that have been successful, please do me a favor. Point me to a step by step guide, or outline a guide that a newbie could follow to get it working.

I would be forever grateful… maybe even name my firstborn after you :wink:

I have seen this one before, but have not followed it so I cannot vouch for it: https://github.com/kholia/OSX-KVM


  • A modern Linux distribution. E.g. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit.
  • QEMU > 2.11.1
  • A CPU with Intel VT-x / AMD SVM support is required
  • A CPU with SSE4.1 support is required for macOS Sierra
  • A CPU with AVX2 support is required for macOS Mojave

I have no clue. I remember watching a linus video about doing something similar. Hope I was of any help.

These might be your road blocks. I know someone was able to boot OS X / Mac OS but I’m not sure which version. I’ve never looked but I would check that the CPU in your Librem can support these.

Shouldn’t be a roadblock on current model Librem laptops.

On that Intel CPU

lscpu | grep -E 'sse|avx'

gives sse4_1 and avx2 (also gives sse4_2 for what it’s worth). And, for completeness, including ‘|VT’ in that grep also gives VT-x

Might be a problem on the Librem 5. :rofl:

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Same here on the v2/v3 platform. Thanks! Learned something new today.

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Will try this my lenovo p50.