Hackintosh VM Boot Off External Drive?

I was able to get a successful Hackintosh VM to work. So far, I’m not successful getting it to use an external drive.

I have a drive OSX formated, with bootable Mavericks install on it.

The problem is getting the VM OSX boot, and Virtual Manager to see the drive.

Are here any hacks that would allow me to boot into that drive inside the VM?

If the virtual manager does not see the drive, then the VM will not see it.

Are you sure the drive is mounted? Ie: if you open the file browser, do you see the drive mounted on the left?

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The OS doesn’t seem to see the drive.
Likely I can’t get it to see it because it is OSX format?

Is there anyway to get Virt Manager to see an OSX external drive?

I can see the drive in Disks app. But not in file manager.

To be able to mount a macOS filesystem you either need to install kernel modules for HFS or for APFS depending on how recent the macOS version is.

If it’s HFS (the older filesystem) you only need to “sudo apt install hfsprogs”.
If it’s APFS (the newer filesystem) things get much more complicated. Attemts at reading the APFS filesystem has been attempted and there’s a kernel module you can compile and run for read-only access but as far as I know nothing for write access.

But I assume that it should be possible to boot a disk without mounting it, I think you have better chances with doing that if it’s APFS.

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