Half of user avatars missing in forum interface

I’m use chromium and can’t see half of user avatars.

One user who like this post missing.

End of message.


This just started happening to me on Firefox, too. I suspect a backend update to Discourse (the forum software) may be responsible

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Firefox 50.1.0 here, and I don’t see my “avatar” (which is the forum’s automatically allocated plain T) either in posts the list of threads or on the top-right of the page where I’d click on to access my profile drop-down menu. I can still click there to get to it, it’s just invisible.

EDIT: turns out that I can see my “avatar” next to my posts, just not in the thread list or on the top right.

hi there! :slight_smile:

the image paths are in the same form as ubuntu mate forum have, so i dont think its a forum engine upgrade.

for a browser related issue, its too simple, and its only half broken, so most likely nope.

hw error wouldnt make this mass destruction this precise.

an intruder wouldnt do this :smiley:

the existing pictures have a different base path, and the broken images have /letter_avatar_proxy/… path in common. check if its deleted or the permissions are wrong. maybe it can be also infrastructure related if its a different machine, check cables 1st, as this kinda error would be known if it would be a bad move from anyone around on the sw side… btw if that path refers to a different machine then anything could happen with it, so theres still some chance for a hw error finally…

good luck, i think it gonna be a simple but tricky fraud only :smiley:


i could simply set a new avatar (it was hard to find anything suitable :smiley: ) so the infrastructure works well, but it looks like some data loss, or maybe just an unmounted folder, in case of the 1st, a raid would be hardly recommended!

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