Hands on / phone review concerning dimensions

Hi there,

so far I could not find a real hands on / review focusing on phone dimensions.
What I mean is a video, where you can see e.g. Dogwood held in hand, different angles, slowly moved, comparision to other phones to estimate especially thickness, or whatever could make it more plastic / realistic / transparent, how phone dimensions actually behave.

In case there is already something out there, please do not hesitate to point me there via link. Otherwise please see this as some kind of wish to all (even though small amount) of Dogwood owners.

Thank you in advance.

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At minute 1:00 of this critical review of the Librem 5, you can see the Librem 5 from different perspectives. I am not sure, but I think this is Chestnut and newer versions have slight improvements of the body: https://youtu.be/NV0RnWorPpQ
I don’t think the thickness is a problem, when you hold the phone or put it in your pocket, it is maybe more of an aesthetic question.

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That is what I was searching for. Often saw the title of the video. Never clicked it. Thought “just another puri.sm bashing”.

i’ll make sure to move my hands extra slow when i receive mine :slight_smile:


Perfect example of how not to review a phone. Because: Where is the phone in this review?

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TheLinuxGamer talks a little more about the phone in his review of Birch: