Happy Newbee installation problems with librem 13 v 3

First and most important - I am so so so so happy - I just received my Librem 13 V3.
I’ve been saving up for this for 18 months
And I am so not disappointed!!!

Few questions

  1. I downloaded a package from a website called dynalist I extracted it to my home folder but it does not run - even though it has permissions.
    Any ideas why?

cd to the folder and typing the command here’s the output.
> root@Libre-Sherab:/home/sherab/dynalist-1.0.3# dynlist

Could not find the database of available applications, run update-command-not-found as root to fix this
dynlist: command not found

  1. Is there an IRC for pureOS?? or purism in general?

Cheers guys
I am so happy


Hi @sherab_kelsang,
I have no experience with that package, but firstly, it looks like you typed dynlist instead of dynalist (missing an a).
Secondly, I would try ./dynalist while in the dynalist folder. Without the ./, I believe the shell is looking for the command somewhere in your existing PATH, and it’s not finding it.

Regarding IRC, yes, there is the #purism channel on irc.freenode.net
Since Purism has partnered with Matrix, you may also want to consider trying out a Matrix client like Riot or Fractal, as Matrix is also capable of bridging with IRC, in addition to a few other protocols.
There is the #purism:matrix.org channel there as well, though it doesn’t appear very active at the moment, and it’s unofficial.

Hi @taylor-williamc
Thank you for replying
It works

I had a missing library libgconfg - once installed it worked.

Thank you!