Hardly no new Librem 5 videos

As it says in the title.
Searching for new (less then a month) videos about the capabilities of Librem 5 brings no real results.
Any one has an in depth ‘A month with Librem 5 ‘ kind of video?
Would be interesting to see how people are doing things with the Librem 5

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cause there isn’t real much librem 5 out there :smiley:

That’s because they’re too busy sending out Evergreen shipping batch notifications. :slight_smile:

it starts to feel twitchy right around Christmas …

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Librem 5 Birch should have started shipping today… Perhaps they manage to ship more than the ca. 2 devices in the Aspen batch. I really hope so.

All Librem 5 Birch devices are expected to ship before November 26th, however due to a delay the beginning of the shipping window (October 29th) will now be moved to November 15th.