Hardware clock is losing time

I’m having an reoccurring issue with my system clock losing time :confused:. I reset it multiple times with timedatectl and hwclock commands but the time is a day old after leaving my laptop off for a while.

I am running the Librem 13v2 with QubesOS.

I believe its a dead CMOS or BIOS battery and would like to replace it, I have opened the back but I do not know where it might be.

Any help would be appreciated.

Found the battery and it tested at only 1.8v so that is most likely the issue. I requested one from Mladen but he is still waiting on a response so I rush ordered this 3v battery but it is a CR2032 vs a CR1620 will it still work? The only CR1620 with the wire leads I could find was on Alibaba but you had to order 1000 of them.

Electrically, it would work, but CR2032 is approximately 1 millimeter bigger in diameter and width so it might not fit.

Strange that you couldn’t find this:

I performed a test with a voltmeter on a Librem 13v2 CMOS battery and it measured 3.1V. In the Librem there isn’t a custom-made plastic slot for the CMOS battery, it sort of sits there between a few components so I think a 1mm diameter difference shouldn’t matter much.

I did find the CR1620 on amazon but they do not have the wire leads necessary to plug them into the motherboard. It was a snug fit but I managed to cram the CR2032 between some components.

I am still having an issue with the time. When I run hwclock I get the following error: “hwclock: ioctl() to /dev/rtc to turn on update interrupts failed unexpectedly: Input/output error”. Its causing applications to act strangely and some to not run at all. I have run timedatectl and set the time to the correct time to many times to count. I don’t know what to do from here.