Hardware compatibility when upgrading a Librem Mini

I am looking into buying a Librem Mini as a desktop replacement. I love the form factor and philosophy behind Purism. The base model is imho also reasonably priced, but adding extra ram/storage before checkout gets expensive very fast.

Would I be able to buy a (close to) base model, and then add an additional NVME drive later or some more RAM without issue? Is there anything unique about the RAM/Storage used or can I find the same models/brands online?

I want to avoid any firmware/driver issues, and also avoid compromising the RYF nature of the deice by introducing any mystery code.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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hello and welcome ! yes what you are asking is possible and it’s exactly what i have done with my Librem Mini. no RAM/storage at check-out and i added mine when i received it.

do keep in mind that if you are not in the US you will have to pay the customs fees of your country where the goods are being delivered to + any local courier transport fees or customs manipulations that they will charge you. i ended up paying + 150$ for this ordeal …

  • the cost of RAM (SODIM - the smaller variety for laptops)
  • the cost of storage (you can have 1 m2 SATA or 1 NVME drive inside (8cm length max) + one SATA 2.5 inch drive in the “roof” of the LMini as it were < they include a SATA thingy for the 2.5 inch drive in the package (it is very small)

about the mystery code < that is ALL up to YOU


you can buy a base model and add everything afterwards, it’s all standard OTS components, same compatibility. DDR4 sodimms for RAM and m.2 SATA/NVMe for storage.