Hardware hacking on top of Librem5

imx series have already been used developing embedded linux. There are plenty of people familiar with imx hardware and and embedded linux and develop some hardware on the top of imx. If Librem5 has some hardware development pinout like I2C, SPI, GPIO, UART, isn’t it so cool?

Motorola carried out this property with moto z play. It provides a hardware user interface and one creates own hardware working with his phone. You can see the details from https://developer.motorola.com/tools-kits

I guess if there will be such a hardware support, it draws embedded linux developer more than now. Many people creates custom hardware like raspberry pi hats then they transform Librem5 into more than phone.



I was thinking the same. Like creating a new back case with toggle switches to turn the L5 into a game controller with the L/R buttons.

I’ll need the phone in my hand and the final schematics, but it’ll be interesting to see where we can attach our own signals to and obtain power.

But we cannot block the radio signals or damage the circuitry. $700 is a lot more than a raspberry pi!

The best example of this has been the open hardware Hackerbus developed as part of the Neo900 project. From the whitepaper:

The Hackerbus is an interface that allows user-provided circuits to connect directly to power rails
and various signals in the Neo900.