Hardware issues

I use hardware very carefully but I have two hardware issues which developed in the last week or so:

  1. My charging cable has started failing.
  2. The hinge on my Librem 13 is opening and it feels like it might break? This one is the one I am worried about - what should I do about it?


  1. Contact Purism support
  2. This seems just like the plastic cover has disconnected, try to simply snap it in (but be gentle)

Hi yeah thanks for that @mladen
Thing is it returns every time I’m replacing it. Which is what got me puzzled.
I’ll speak to Purism.

Did it snap back in?

Yes it does.
It opens ok but when I close the lid down it snaps out again.

Be extremely careful with that hinge. The mount point where the hinge screws into the screen backing is quite small and fragile. Once it breaks, it’s a total loss and it’s up to your warranty status for remedy. You will want to work with support on this before it catastrophically fails and you’re stuck with a busted unit.

I did begin to think of not bothering.
Ok I’ll be looking into this immediately