Hardware with drivers

Hello i wat to try pureos, what hardware and expecialy GPU you suggest for more privacy?

If you want PureOS, I suggest an Intel GPU. Other GPUs require non-free firmware, and PureOS doesn’t come with it.

If you insist on a dedicated GPU, then I suggest an AMD one. Nvidia is driver hell on Linux, by their own intentional choice.


Note that PureOS contains no proprietary drivers or firmware. There is almost no hardware which works with FLOSS WiFi firmware. Unless you buy Librem 14, most probably WiFi will not work for you.
See also:


And AMD does have FLOSS drivers? So you are saying that there no way i can use Wifi unless i will buy Librem 14? Or there is solution?

WiFi card does not depend on whether you have AMD or Intel CPU; it’s a different device in the laptop/desktop. Purism uses Atheros WiFi card in Librem 14, which supports FLOSS firmware. If you manage to install it into your machine, WiFi will work on PureOS.

However, if you can’t afford Librem 14, you should probably choose a different GNU/Linux distribution as suggested in my link.

What linux distr will you personally suggest?

I’m happy with Debian. In the link people suggested Ubuntu, which is probably good enough to start with Linux.

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I have some expereance with debian, but it is enought for the privacy?

It depends on how much privacy you need. You can use Tor Browser and I2P on Debian without any problems. However, if you want to go further, consider TAILS or Qubes-Whonix (I’m using the latter).

Not only this i want to anonymize whole distro… Debian doesnot use system-md? Plus i want to learn programming and ethical hacking, and use programs fot traffic arbitrage as it is my source of income, so i will gonna need containers to use programs like antidect browsers for arbitrage

Debian uses systemd. It’s fork Devuan doesn’t.

Then I suggest you to try Qubes OS. It’s the best system if you want to take advantage of compartmentalization/isolation of different programs and domains. You can always ask for help on Qubes forums.

Qubes it is too anonymouse))it has its own difficalties

It’s easier than people think. I’m using it as a daily driver.

Yes but it erace all the data when you are closing the container thats not so good, well it is good for anonymity but not for daily usage

It erases all data only in disposable virtual machines. There are other (default) virtual machines for the normal work. See also:

And it is good like pureos i mean contains no propriety soft?

It contains proprietary firmware in order to work on more devices. You can remove any firmware you do not need, but you most probably will need some for your WiFi as I mentioned above. However, the strength of Qubes is in it’s compartmentalization approach. You may have a proprietary firmware for WiFi, but it will be isolated in a dedicated VM, which will not contain any private files and will not used for any activity except connecting to network. Same with all other things.

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Thanks will think about it… But still want to go with pureos and do something with wifi to connect or other Gnu linux distros

You can manually add the proprietary firmware which you need to PureOS. It should in principle work then. However, you will have to update it manually. Keep an eye on updates, or you can miss an important vulnerability.

Thanks will do