Has anybody waterproofed a Librem Key?

Hi folks! I’m kinda new to the ecosystem, but have already managed to brick my Librem Key (not recognized at all by my laptop, probably rain water, almost certainly my fault).

I realize that from a security perspective, keeping one or two backups is the standard (one that I still need to implement…), but at $59 the hardware itself isn’t exactly cheap.

It seems like a piece of hardware that’s so important to the ecosystem’s security model should be nigh indestructible and, without moving parts to worry about, making it so shouldn’t be crazy difficult. Has anybody taken a shot at DIYing a more robust/waterproof housing? Any tips and tricks?

I don’t have one but if you can get the case off to expose all of the pcb, you may be able to get pretty far just with a generous coating of conformal spray and if you wanna go overboard maybe potting compound before closing the case. I have a yubikey 5c which is ip68.

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does Yubikey play well with coreboot and the anti-evil-maid stuff?

You should be able to use it for just about anything - currently I use it for online accounts but there’s integrations for LUKS so I plan on adding it to a keyslot for my secureboot setup, and there’s also lots of scripts for integrating it into PAM for linux auth.